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​Looking for water gardens in Denville NJ? You’ve found the place. By focusing on you and your desires, Atlantis Water Gardens, a pond builder and pond store in Denville NJ, creates the Pond, Water Garden, Stream, Pondless Waterfall, or Fountainscape of your dreams. The landscape becomes the garden of your dreams with the sights, sounds and feel you have always imagined.

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Here’s what we build, and here’s what you want (actually, it’s need)


Relax by a koi pond this summer
Check out Koi Ponds

Pondless Waterfalls

There’s nothing like the sound of water
Check Out Pondless Waterfalls


Fountains are AWESOME!
Check out Foundtains

Service & Maintanance

Get some help with your water feature
Check out Koi Ponds

Repairs & Renovations

We can get any water feature looking amazing! With enough of work of course 🙂
Check Out Pondless Waterfalls


If you need ideas… Well, we got ’em.
Check out Foundtains

Water Garden Services Denville NJ

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